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Some girls wander by mistake, Christine Muraton


Long live the king.

But why didn’t someone jump in and cut him into small pieces? Watching him choke wasn’t enough.

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Game of thrones was bitter sweet tonight.

Wait though. I’m at a foot massage PARLOR. A place specifically for FOOT MASSAGES. I’ll be done in an hour. If you’re wondering how amazing it is, inquire within. Living in an actual city is pretty A-mazing.

Working on getting a website out there. I’m excited to launch it. It’s like- actually thrilling to be surrounded by so many people that are “working” on “things” that “matter.” Or something like that. Anyways, once it launches I’ll probs delete this so oh well.

The Berlin Wall coming down, November 11, 1989

The Berlin Wall coming down, November 11, 1989

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"To any officer…"

"To any officer…"